Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pro Sports/Athletes

I just read an article and someone actually had the balls to ask if professional athletes had too much control over their careers. I dont even know why teams have GM's or owners anymore. These players seem to think that the more money they get the more they have to say about who they play for and that they have the right to critisize teams. What ever happened to the teams being in control and players doing what they are told? This whole drama revolving around Carmelo Anthony is ridiculous. No player should have that kind of say, or to be able to hold teams at their mercy. I think that all of these owners need to take a step back and regain the power that they should have and be using. These players today make way too much money as it is, and the people that pay for it all in the end are the fans. For these guys to say "all the stars are leaving the small market teams" well its because they are all refusing to play for them, these teams dont stand a chance of putting together a championship team the way things are heading. Something needs to be done before its too late, especially for basketball, other sports arent too far behind either. Lets see if the owners can take a step in the right direction, even if it means it will cost them a few million dollars in the end.

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